Sunbeam Series: Sundown

“Can you imagine a world where people didn’t need to fight?”

“A world without wars… I’m going to make that happen, Sorin, just watch me.”


The world changes. Five months have nearly passed since the Battle of Bel, with Sorin Wilk still on his quest to find his brother Rysol. When he learns the news that his childhood friend, Johan Kuu, has been taken captive by a new group of terrorists, he sets out with Henry Randolph to find him. Along the way, he meets with new friends and new enemies and learn about a new conflict that is happening beneath the surface.


Meanwhile, the princess of the Royal Kingdom of Thekohn, Rain Zano Thedam, begins her solo journey to the city of Rezar. There is a motivation to the journey beyond discovering new land, and Rain enlists the help of Sorin and his friends to help her with her goal. How will this team-up help her, and what dark secrets will Rain learn during her journey?


“Sundown” is the sequel serial to “Sunbeam,” an original story by Nick Millini. If you missed the first story, then click here to read it.


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