Aurora – Chapter 49 (Part 2)

[3rd of February, 2741 AD; outside Kunigunde Warehouse, Bollesburgh, Ameci]


Henry parked his car by the sidewalk. Sorin looked out to see the large warehouse before him as the memories of his old job rushed back to him. He did not miss the work, but did miss spending time working with Smith. As he got out of the car with Gale, Sorin saw near the entrance the older man waving over to him. Sorin waved back while Henry joined up with them. They walked together and greeted Raymohnd Smith as he let out a hearty laugh.

“It’s been a long time, Sorin!” Smith said. “I heard that ya got yourself into quite the adventure!”

“Well, not anymore,” Sorin replied. “The adventures are over now. I just got here because I wanted to catch up with you.”

“Ya certainly couldn’t have picked a better time for that,” Smith said. “Just got done with my shift, in fact, so how about we all go and get some drinks?”

“That’d be nice,” Henry said. “I’ll even cover the tab.”

“Aw, ya don’t have to be so nice to me,” Smith replied. “If anything, I ought to pay you for what you’ve done.”

“That won’t be necessary, my friend,” Henry said.

“If ya say so,” Smith said. “So Sorin, ya haven’t introduced me to her yet. I gotta imagine she’s pretty important to you.”

Gale reached out her hand. “It’s Gale,” she said. “Gale Kunigunde.”

“Ah, so you’re the daughter that’s all set to take over the family business, I see,” Smith said, shaking Gale’s hand.

“Yes, that’s correct,” Gale replied.

“I gotta admit I never thought Isaac could pull off such a scheme, though,” Smith said. “Then again, you’ve seen some pretty powerful guys put up a front only for them to be brought down, haven’t you?”

“It’s not something I care to talk about,” Gale said. “He’s in the past now and I’m only looking forward to the future.”

“Got ya,” Smith replied. “So you’re Sorin’s girlfriend or what’s going on here? I gotta know!”

“We’ve been together for a few months now, yes,” Gale said.

“Yeah, we’re traveling together until we’ve got to go back to Iiayikohn for a friend’s wedding,” Sorin said. “We’re set to leave Ameci in a week, actually.”

“Shame ya can’t stay longer, but I understand,” Smith said. “Just know I’ll always be around should ya wanna come back.”

“I appreciate that, Raymohnd,” Sorin said.

“So how about we get going?” Smith asked. “We can continue our talk at the bar.”

“Good idea,” Henry said. “We’ll meet you there.”




[3rd of Febraury, 2741 AD; Seaside Bar, Bollesburgh, Ameci]


Outside on the deck next to the bar, Sorin, Gale, and Smith sat down at the table while Henry paid for the drinks. After they got served their beverages, the group chatted about anything that came across their minds. Sorin was glad to have the time to just relax and spend some time talking about old memories. He was especially happy to see Gale smiling and laughing. After all that they had gone through, this time of peace was well earned and much needed as Sorin could only kick back and laugh along while Smith told stories about his time on the job.

“And that’s how I ended up near the border of Elemci,” Smith said. “Who woulda thought that one little mistake would bring me down that path?”

“You always had a tendency to mix up directions,” Sorin replied. “I never thought I’d say this, but maybe I should come back and help you.”

“Nah, I don’t want ya to throw away your dreams for me,” Smith said. “I can manage myself good, even if there’s a hiccup or three.”

“Have you ever thought about moving up?” Henry asked. “You know, it’s never too late to ask.”

“Thanks, but I’m good,” Smith replied. “Maybe I’m missing out, but a guy like me’s pretty happy where I am now.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Sorin said.

“Glad ya feel the same way,” Smith said. “So about this wedding ya told me about… ya got any plans with Gale there?”

Sorin almost spit out his drink. “Plans?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty obvious the signs I’m seeing,” Smith said. “Don’t tell me that ain’t crossed your mind this whole time!”

“Well, I can’t say it hasn’t for me,” Gale said.

“No need to pressure them,” Henry said. “Sometimes it takes time. I didn’t get married until a few months ago.”

“Yeah, but you were doing that whole running around thing, weren’t ya?” Smith asked. “I can tell by your face you’re thinking about it, too, Sorin!”

“Of course… Of course it’s been brought up before,” Sorin replied. “But for now, we’re still going around seeing the world.”

“Heh, ya still haven’t answered my question yet,” Smith said. “When do you plan on getting hitched?”

“We don’t know yet,” Sorin said. “I mean Gale’s still thinking about it, too, so it’s not as if we’ve got anything set.”

“How about in a year from now?” Gale asked. “Or, you know, once we’ve done our trip around the world.”

“Ah, she’s already got an idea,” Smith said. “Ya didn’t even hesitate to say it out loud.”

Sorin turned to Gale. “Do you think it’ll take an entire year for us to see the world?”

“Whichever one you’re comfortable with,” Gale replied. “It wouldn’t be right to take away all the attention from Ayanna and Law, so I figured we could have some time to plan our wedding out.”

“At least you’ll get the time to prepare,” Smith said.

“Then I’ve got no problem with that,” Sorin said. “As long as we can agree on it, that’s fine with me.”

“Okay, then we’ll start planning once we’ve finished our trip,” Gale said. “I’m so glad.”

“As am I,” Sorin said.

“Well, whenever you’re getting married, ya gotta let me know,” Smith said. “Ya know, since it’ll be nice to see you grow up and such.”

“I’ve already grown, though,” Sorin replied.

“Yeah, but not like this,” Smith said.

“I’m sure we’ll both be invited,” Henry said. “It’s too big of an event not to attend.”

“Right, right, we’ll both be getting front seats, I bet,” Smith said. “Hey, I bet Kirk’s looking at you from above and smiling right now with April.”

“I bet he is,” Sorin said.

Smith sighed. “I know nothing can bring him back, but you know what? He ain’t dead as long as you’re around.”

“You think so?” Sorin asked.

“Of course,” Smith replied. “He, April, and Rysol… Those three live on with you. You’re carrying on that wish for them and I know you’re making them proud of what you’ve become.”

“Thanks,” Sorin said.

“Not a problem,” Smith said. “It’s just something I think makes sense.”

“Truly I believe that as well,” Henry said.

“Glad ya see it, too,” Smith said. “Anyway, Henry, what about you? How’s the campaign coming along?”

“We’re doing well, actually,” Henry answered. “If everything goes well, it’ll be an easy road to mayor.”

“That’s great to hear,” Smith said.

“Yeah, he’s been out there,” Sorin said. “Speaking of which, you haven’t spoken to Dia, have you?”

“Oh, she’s been helping my campaign,” Henry said. “Why do you ask?”

“I’m just wondering about Johan,” Sorin replied. “I haven’t had the chance to talk to him in a while.”

“He really has been worried,” Gale said.

“Well, next time I get the chance, I’ll ask Dia about him,” Henry said. “I’ll admit that I’m curious about Johan as well.”

“He’s that important, huh?” Smith asked.

“We couldn’t have done a lot of what we’ve done without him,” Sorin said. “At the very least, I’d like to thank him.”

“I hear ya,” Smith said.

“I’m really sorry about that,” Sorin said to Henry. “I didn’t mean to bring it all off you.”

“I don’t mind too much,” Henry replied. “Anyway, was there anything else that you wanted to know, Raymohnd?”

“Yeah, how about Tori?” Smith asked. “Ya looking forward to having a daughter and whatnot?”

“Of course I am,” Henry said. “Another couple of months and she’ll be here, which we’re all pretty happy about.”

“Do you have a name picked out?” Gale asked.

“I’ve got one in mind,” Henry replied. “Though Tori’s got some ideas of her own as well. We’ll bounce them around, I’m sure.”

“Well, we’re all looking forward to when that time comes,” Smith said. “I’m sure it’ll all go well with ya there.”

“Thank you,” Henry said. “I do wonder about you, though, Raymohnd…”

“What’s that?” Smith asked.

“It impresses me that you’ve been able to hold up by yourself,” Henry said. “Not like there’s a problem with that, but all this time, I would’ve thought you’d be married by now.”

“It’s a surprise, ain’t it,” Smith said.

“Well, I didn’t mean to pry too deep,” Henry said. “I just wanted to know, that’s all.”

Smith guffawed. “Ya know I don’t mind! Come on, Henry, my guy, it’s all okay to ask questions like that!”

He slapped Henry on the back as he laughed again. It was just like the old times, Sorin thought. But even so, Sorin knew that he and Gale had to move on eventually. Smith would always be around in Ameci, but Sorin’s heart had now lied with Gale’s as they had a new journey ahead of them. Everyone else did as well, which was why Sorin was happy to have this experience, regardless of how brief it was. Before they knew it, another hour had passed with the conversation carrying on while the sun began to descend upon the ocean.

“Well, whenever you two are ready, we can get going,” Henry said to Sorin and Gale. “I’ve got a speech to make in a few hours, but I don’t want to pressure you both too much.”

“It’s okay,” Sorin said. “We’ll see you around, Raymohnd.”

“Don’t feel so bad cause you gotta go,” Smith said. “We’re all a little busy here, aren’t we?”

“Thanks,” Gale said.

The three got up and said their goodbyes to Smith. Sorin was glad to have spent some time with his old coworker and friend, even if only for a brief time. However, it was time to go. As he got into the car with Henry and Gale, Sorin was not certain if he would ever see Johan again. He wondered if it would be possible that they would meet once again before he left Ameci with Gale. Even though Henry reassured Sorin that it would be okay, the future surrounding him and Johan continued to remain uncertain.


To be continued…


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