Aurora – Chapter 49 (Part 1)

[3rd of February, 2741 AD; Admorse High Security Penitentiary – Visitor’s Center, outside Admorse, Ameci]


The case against Isaac Kunigunde proved to be a strong one as both Rohan Fercewend and Casper Bradley testified to their involvement with Isaac’s plans of using Foundation to further his own gains. It was a swift case, which came off as quite the surprise to Gale once she and Sorin heard the news from Henry. As they made it back to Ameci via the Atlas, visiting Isaac and Rohan in prison became top priority in order to tie up those loose ends. Sorin and Gale entered into the visitor’s center where they were greeted by the guard.

“Have a seat, please,” the guard said. “Mr. Kunigunde will be out with you shortly.”

“What about General Fercewend?” Sorin asked. “Is he not available?”

“Mr. Fercewend is currently being questioned,” the guard replied. “He has demanded that he testify further about the Blood Ravens.”

“I see,” Gale said. “Do you know when he’ll be finished?”

“I’ve no clue,” the guard said. “He might be in questioning the entire day for all I know.”

“That’s okay,” Gale replied. “We’ll just wait for Mr. Kunigunde.”

“Very well,” the guard said. “Once you hear the buzzer, that’s when he will come in. I must warn you, however, that Mr. Kunigunde is still very delicate after his injury.”

“Thanks, but I think we’ll be okay,” Gale said.

“Then I’ll just wait over there,” the guard said.

The guard walked over to the door as Gale turned towards the glass. Sorin could tell just from looking at Gale that she was still hesitant about meeting Isaac. This was not a pleasant place nor was Isaac a pleasant person. Still, he and Gale knew that they needed to do this before heading off to Kunigunde Industries in order to sign the papers necessary. Gale rested her hands upon her legs as Sorin placed his hand on her back.

“I really don’t know how he’ll react,” she said. “This will be the first time he sees me since that night… Will he be just like he was then?”

“Only one way to know,” Sorin said.

“That’s true,” Gale said. “He’s always hated me, though I can’t even begin to imagine how he’ll feel once he hears about what I plan to do.”

“Either way, it’s something that he’ll have to accept,” Sorin said. “We can just get over with and make everything quick.”

“We’ll see about that,” Gale said.

Total silence followed as they awaited Isaac. Sorin was not sure what to say if he had to speak up, but he was going to support Gale no matter what happened. He moved his hand down to hers and grasped it as the buzzer sounded. They both looked up as the door to the left opened and revealed Isaac being escorted in by a guard. Sorin could see that the events around what had happened had taken a toll on Isaac as he looked despondent in his wheelchair. Upon seeing Sorin and Gale, Isaac’s expression remained the same as he sat opposite of them behind the large pane of glass. The guard motioned to Sorin and Gale as they looked at the small, open area in the glass that served to help with communication.

“Remember, Gale, just say what you’re going to say,” she said to herself. “It will be alright: he’s here, too.”

Isaac sighed. “Have you come to rub my failures in my face?”

“I’m not here for that,” Gale replied. “I’m because of what’s going to happen with Kunigunde Industries.”

“Oh, that,” Isaac said. “That makes sense.”

“We’ve already discussed the deal with Mr. Randolph,” Gale said. “He says it will take some time, but in a few weeks, all the rights will shift over to me. I’m going to put an end to what little exists of your legacy and build something new out of it.”

“It may be difficult for you to accept, but there’s no need for war anymore,” Sorin said. “There’s no reason for any of this to happen, nor is there any reason to instigate countries into fighting each other.”

“Do as you wish, Gabrielle,” Isaac said. “You need only look at the situation I am in to see that I am too weak to lead. My reputation has been brought down to below even a common criminal because of this damned injury.”

“You’re wrong,” Gale replied. “The fact that you can never walk again does not make you weak… You were always weak.”

“Perhaps you’re right,” Isaac said. “I could have done more to save her, you know? Your mother, I mean.”

“I never knew her,” Gale said. “The least you could have done was tell me the kind of person she was, but you didn’t even do that.”

“It was my fault,” Isaac replied.

“Was that why you blamed Gale?” Sorin asked.

“See it as you want to,” Isaac said.

“It doesn’t matter,” Gale said. “He’s said enough for me to decide.”

“So is this all, then?” Isaac asked.

“I suppose it is,” Gale replied. “We weren’t planning on being here too long after we heard Rohan was still in questioning.”

“He’s as dedicated as ever, even if he’s not the general anymore,” Isaac said. “That’s what I’ve always liked about him, after all.”

“You used him as a pawn,” Gale said. “All this time, you still don’t realize how badly you’ve hurt him?”

“It’s not just him, either,” Sorin said. “His family is trying to pick up the pieces now that he’s in prison.”

“Yes, it’s all my fault,” Isaac said. “I can’t even imagine what little Ari thinks about her father now, or how Laila feels.”

“You’ve never cared for them,” Gale replied.

“Maybe we should go now,” Sorin said.

“Is this the last time you’ll come?” Isaac asked.

“For you, yes,” Gale answered. “But I still intend on seeing Rohan at least once before we leave Ameci.”

“I see,” Isaac said. “Then let me say at least one more thing before you go… I promise I will make it quick.”

“Just go ahead and say it,” Gale said.

“Of course,” Isaac said. “I know there’s nothing that I can do to make you ever forgive me for what I’ve done, that much I can accept.”

“Is that all you have to say?” Sorin asked.

“One more,” Isaac replied. “Gabrielle, I can only hope that sometime in the future that you and I can see eye-to-eye, even if you don’t forgive me now.”

“I’m sorry,” Gale said, “But I can’t do that.”

“You can’t?” Isaac asked.

“I don’t have any intention on seeing you again,” Gale replied. “Think of this as our last conversation.”

“Then I will,” Isaac said. “It was a foolish request, anyway.”

“Let’s go,” Gale said to Sorin. “We can try talking to Rohan tomorrow.”

Sorin got up with Gale and left the visitor’s center. The guard thanked them on the way out as they proceeded to exit the prison. That would indeed be the last time that Gale would see Isaac, but now Rohan remained the sole person that she wanted to speak with. Until then, however, Sorin knew that there was still so much for them to see. He wanted to go back to his old job and see how Smith was doing, as well as take a look at his old place of residence. With Isaac behind them, Sorin and Gale could look to the future.

“I’m glad that’s over,” Gale said. “We’ve still got a lot of time left in the day, too.”

“Henry did say he’d be waiting for us outside,” Sorin said. “I wonder where he is…”

They walked down the path until they reached the side of the street. Sorin looked around and saw Henry’s car several feet away.

“Over there,” Sorin said. “Hey, Henry!”

He waved over to Henry and got his attention. Henry moved the car up to where Sorin and Gale stood and stopped to let them inside. As the two got settled in, Henry started to drive. It would be a long drive from Admorse to Bollesburgh, which Sorin did not mind in the slightest.

“How did it go?” Henry asked.

“We weren’t able to talk to Rohan,” Gale replied.

“I had a feeling that that would be the case,” Henry said. “I gotta hand it to him, honestly: he’s doing good on his part.”

“He is,” Gale said. “But Isaac’s still a pain, even if he seems like he’s trying to accept reality.”

“But this should be the last time, right?” Sorin asked. “We don’t have to worry about him now.”

“I know,” Gale replied. “Perhaps I’m just trying to make meaning out of our last encounter.”

“Sometimes there just isn’t a meaning,” Henry said. “And that isn’t at all a bad thing, mind you. It just means that the best explanation for someone’s actions is sometimes the simplest.”

“I didn’t think there was much of a chance,” Gale said. “The damage had long existed before this and is going to remain there forever. I’m just going to go and move past it now.”

“No one would blame you,” Henry replied.

“I guess not,” Gale said. “So, how long is it until we reach Bollesburgh? I’m sorry, it’s been some time since I’ve had reason to go there.”

“Over an hour,” Henry said.

“That’s fine,” Sorin said. “I don’t mind seeing the scenery on the way back to my old place.”

“It’ll be good to get a look at the countryside,” Henry said. “I can almost feel the memories flooding back now.”

“Right, back when Smith and I saw you hiding out in the back of the truck,” Sorin said. “I wonder how he’s doing…”

“Fortunately I had the chance to reach out to him about a week ago,” Henry said. “Since you were coming, I decided to check on him. He almost didn’t even recognize me at first!”

“I’m not surprised,” Sorin said. “You looked a lot different when we first met you.”

“And sounded a lot different, too,” Gale said.

“Funny how things can just change like that,” Henry said. “Kind of feels like it was a few weeks ago, not a few months.”

“Well, Smith will be the most surprised once we see him,” Sorin said. “I can only imagine how he’ll react once he sees Gale.”

“Considering the work, he’ll be surprised for more than one reason,” she said. “And it will be nice to see the warehouse, too, I guess.”

Sorin agreed. He looked forward to catching up with Smith and seeing what else that he could do in Ameci with Gale. He also wanted to catch up with Henry as well, since they were traveling together. But that would have to wait as they had a long drive to Bollesburgh before them. Overall, though, Sorin was glad to be back even if it was only for a short time.


To be continued…


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