Aurora – Chapter 43 (Part 2)

[2nd of January, 2741 AD; New Prime Minister’s Office, Rezar, Iiayikohn – Deca District]


Mina led the group down the halls of the new prime minister’s office as they hurried their way towards Wilson Dezine’s office. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, they saw five guards arrive from the second floor. Each one was armed and ready to fight, but Mina knew that she and the others could not afford to waste any time fighting with them. The lead guard cocked his gun with the other four following in succession.

“You’re not going to pass through us,” the guard said.

“Unfortunately for you, we’re in a hurry,” Pekka said. “This defensive hold isn’t going to hold up.”

The front guard aimed at Pekka. “You wish to try me?”

But Pekka had already moved forth and thrust his fist into the guard’s gut, sending him to the floor as he struggled to aim. The other guards tried to follow, but were met with quick action from both Mina and Eva. Pekka and Luna joined in, too, as all four of them knocked out the guards with ease. Mina then went up the stairs, but stopped as Pekka looked over the guns on the ground.

“To think they believed they would stand a chance against us,” Pekka said as he took the time to empty the chamber of each gun. “Even someone like me can see they’re all inexperienced with their guns. Let’s get going.”

As Pekka pocketed the bullets, Mina rushed up the stairs. Dezine’s office was nearby now and only two more guards stood at the top floor. However, Mina knew that this could not be the only security that Dezine had left. She took a look down the hall once more, then over to Eva.

“So far, it’s been too easy,” Mina said.

“You’re suspicious,” Eva replied. “I have to admit that I am suspicious as well. We should continue on with caution.”

“We shouldn’t have to worry, right?” Luna asked. “Ayanna said that she and the others are going to come bursting in at any moment, so that should be really good for us.”

“Don’t speak so loud,” Eva said.

“Oh, um, sorry,” Luna replied.

“Anyway, we should act as if they’ll take a while longer to get here,” Eva said. “This is something we have to take care of right now before Dezine has any chance to retaliate properly. Got that?”

“I do,” Mina said. “We’re going to show him that his corruption is going to come to an end tonight.”

“Then let’s finish this,” Eva said.

Eva jumped ahead with Mina right after her. Luna went next with Pekka in back as the four charged at the two guards by Dezine’s door. As the guards had no time to react, Mina, Eva, Luna, and Pekka made quick work of them and knocked the two guards out cold. Pekka bent down and checked the weapons while Mina placed her hand upon the doorknob. She leaned up against the wall next to the door as Eva readied her sword.

“So far, we’ve managed to not spill any blood,” Eva said. “I’ve held back as much as I could, but beyond that door, I may need to show the sharp edge of my blade to Dezine and his men.”

“I’m just happy to fight alongside you,” Mina replied. “Just being here is an honor and to take down one of the vilest of villains is something I never thought I would have the chance to do. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Eva said.

Pekka stood up with a gun in his hand. “Let’s not dwell too long here,” he said. “Our enemy is on the other side and he knows we’re here by now. If we’re going to bring him down once and for all and free Iiayikohn from Foundation’s grasp, we’ve got to do it now.”

“Of course we have to,” Luna said.

“Then let’s not waste another second!” Mina said.

Mina turned the knob and opened the door. Beyond the barrier, they saw Dezine sitting at his desk with several soldiers at either side. The entire room was crowded with soldiers as they all readied their guns at the group.

“I knew that there was something suspect about this uprising,” Dezine said. “You’re the girl that’s been tagging along with Thedam, aren’t you?”

“So what?” Mina asked. “You’re the one that’s in trouble here!”

“I wonder about that,” Dezine replied. “To think that the queen would go so far as to stage a coup against me is unbearable. I think that the people outside the building should know who exactly is leading this operation, because it sure isn’t in the interests of Iiayikohn’s people for me to step down!”

“Save your words for when you stand trial, you lowly scum,” Eva said. “You had a hand in Alan Berry’s assassination all so you could rise up the ranks.”

“Don’t make me laugh,” Dezine said. “I can tell these guys to fire any time I want; do you think you matter if I care about such a weak man?”

“Alan was far from weak,” Eva said. “He was a much better leader than you and a much better person! The only reason he died was because Isaac Kunigunde needed someone to help fuel his greedy desires for war!”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Luna said.

“I’ve got no interest in that man or what he has to say now,” Dezine said. “I would rather die of thirst than drink the poisoned water he sells.”

“Are you trying to deny your connection to him?” Eva asked. “There’s proof that you and him have been working together for months now, so you’d be wise not to act as if Isaac never contacted you.”

“Oh, I assure you that what I say is true,” Dezine replied. “Isaac Kunigunde is nothing more than a footnote in my legacy. I’m the leader of this country and I will lead by disposing of the trash that infests it! Ready your weapons!”

The soldiers did so and pointed their guns at the four. But before Dezine could give the word, Pekka raised his gun and cocked it.

“You’re nothing more than a failure,” Pekka said. “These soldiers only serve you only because you promised them something in return.”

“Preposterous!” Dezine exclaimed. “Do you expect me to believe such a foul lie such as that?”

“I don’t expect you to believe me,” Pekka replied. “After all, I’m nothing but a criminal in your eyes. However, there’s a much more captivating voice willing to convince these soldiers by your side that they’re nothing more than pawns for your selfish deeds.”

“These men serve under me because they are loyal to Iiayikohn,” Dezine said. “I’ve made no such claim and there’s no way that you can prove it!”

“Maybe we can’t prove it,” Mina said. “Maybe you’re right because there’s no way someone like you would ever dare have their methods questioned.”

“There is no question about it,” Dezine replied. “I am an effective leader!”

“Yet there’s enough to see from your men alone,” Mina said. She took a look around the room at each soldier, then back to Dezine. “Everyone! This villain isn’t fighting for you! He’s only using you!”

There were murmurs within the group of soldiers, each one looking at each other as their weapons began to lower. Dezine observed his soldiers and went in a panic, standing up in the process.

“Don’t… Don’t listen to this idiotic woman,” Dezine said, “She’s only trying to fool you with falsities! Take her out already!”

“They may have carried out your villainous deed, but only because you told them a lie,” Mina said. “I’ve got no idea what, but it has to be something really good if they were willing to work with you!”

“Most likely, it was money,” Eva said. “They may have been hired because they thought they were going to receive some sort of payment for their work.”

“Let’s just ask them,” Pekka said. “How about it, Mina?”

“I’ll ask them,” Mina said.

“No, don’t!” Dezine exclaimed. “Why are you god damn fools so hesitant to shoot? I’ll continue to withhold all of your pay if you don’t!”

“So that’s it,” Mina said. “You’re keeping the money away from them!”

“To think he’d just admit it like it was nothing,” Luna said. “Are any of you really okay with working for a man like this?”

Dezine pounded his desk. “Take your guns and shoot them! Kill them all before I lose my fucking mind! Aim and fire!”

“You lost because a villain like you can never understand what it’s like for regular people,” Mina said. “They’ll never follow your orders now!”

The soldiers then lifted up their guns and aimed at Mina, Eva, Luna, and Pekka. Dezine smirked as Mina stood still. Then, the soldiers turned their aim at Dezine, who began to shake.

“What the hell is this?” Dezine asked. “What in the world are you doing!?”

The tallest soldier stepped forward and poked the barrel of this gun in Dezine’s chest. “I was only in this for the money,” he said. “Just what are you trying to gain from withholding my pay?”

Dezine gulped. “I… I can explain!”

Another soldier poked his gun in Dezine’s back. “Start talking!”

“Well… I thought that I would manage to make the money in time, but it seems like I made an error,” Dezine said. “That mansion had to be completed soon, you know…”

“That’s not good enough,” the tall soldier said. “Do you think a mercenary like me does some damn charity work for some bastard I couldn’t care any less about?”

Dezine whimpered. “N-No… I was going to pay you soon, I promise!”

The back soldier prodded further with his weapon. “That’s a lie if I’ve ever heard one!”

“You better explain what’s going on,” Eva said. “Otherwise this will not end well for you.”

“Just confess, you villain,” Mina said. “And release my uncle from prison, too, while you’re at it!”

“Damn you… Damn you all!” Dezine exclaimed. “Did you believe… I was going to take this like a little bitch? I’ll… I’ll kill you myself if you have to! That’s what I’m going to do!”

Against all the odds, Dezine broke free from the pincer attack and leapt over his desk. He made a quick charge at Mina, who stepped out of the way as Ayanna and Gavin showed up to knock Dezine onto the ground. Dierk arrived as well and handcuffed the prime minister behind his back. Henry and Law were the last to arrive as they got a quick look at the mercenaries in the room.

“We managed to get here just in time,” Henry said.

“You’re all going to hell, all of you!” Dezine exclaimed. “You’ll burn in hell before I ever even set foot in court!”

“Shut the fuck up,” Gavin said. “You pissed us off long enough, and by the looks of it, you managed to piss off those that served only you as well.”

“And if what he said is true, he made an enemy of Isaac as well,” Eva said. “He crumbled before he even had a chance to start his empire.”

“So either way, Isaac’s going to sleep soundly tonight,” Law said. “What an absolute pain.”

“We’ll have to see about that,” Ayanna said. “Sorin and Gale are going after him as we speak.”

“Guess there’s enough time, then,” Law said. “I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to tie up the loose ends. Are you going to be okay here?”

“I think I’ll be fine,” Ayanna said. “We’ve got some back-up coming soon, as well as the fact that the news is traveling fast.”

“Those guards outside will know soon enough,” Henry said as he turned to Mina. “Maybe you ought to give the good word and let the people of Rezar know straight from their hero’s mouth!”

Mina smiled. “It would be a pleasure.”

“Very good,” Henry said. “What of the soldiers there?”

“All hired by Dezine,” Eva replied. “Obviously, they were all in it for the money but never received a single pound.”

“And that’s what brought this jerk down,” Luna said, looking at Dezine. “He was trying to play them all like a bunch of fools but they wised up once they found out the truth!”

“This… This isn’t over!” Dezine said.

“Can you just shut him up already?” Gavin asked Dierk.

“Unfortunately, I can’t,” Dierk replied. “It’s not as if he’ll get anywhere, though, so we’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“This really is a pain, isn’t it,” Gavin said. “Well, I wish you good luck, since it seems like he’s just going to be an asshole the entire way.”

“We’ve still got unfinished business,” Henry said. “We’ve got to catch up to Sorin and Gale and let them know about what happened in Hurst.”

“I guess that’s our cue, then,” Law said. “I expect things to sort out here as we head off. Let General Reiss know I said hello, okay?”

“I’ll let him know,” Ayanna replied.

As Ayanna and Dierk apprehended Dezine, all the mercenaries exited out of the prime minister’s room. There would be an abundance of questions for each one, but Mina knew that Ayanna, Dierk, and Reiss would be able to handle them. What was on Mina’s mind now, though, was letting everyone in Rezar hear of the good news. As she opened the window, Mina let the word of Dezine’s arrest ring through the streets of the city, much to the celebration of the citizens below while the guards at the front lowered their weapons. It was the beginning of a new day in Rezar and Mina was enthusiastic to shout the good word.


To be continued…


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