Aurora – Chapter 24 (Part 2)

[24th of December, 2740 AD; New Prime Minister’s Office, Rezar, Iiayikohn – Deca District]

Wilson Dezine’s phone rang three times before he picked up the receiver. News began to move fast as Dezine felt the pressure ramp up. Ameci’s attack on Oelaans was about to take place and he could not help. He wanted to send some of Iiayikohn’s soldiers there, but with the recent turmoil within the military, that became difficult. Dezine’s options were limited now, so instead he decided to go and gather support for a strike against the Royal Kingdom of Thekohn. He would have to give a speech soon, but worried about what it might mean for his chances of staying as prime minister. That’s why he hesitated at first when the phone rang loud in his office. Dezine had no clue about what Isaac wanted to say to him, but awaited his word as he placed the receiver to his ear and listened.

“How are you doing tonight, Prime Minister?” Isaac asked.

“I have to admit that I am filled with uncertainty,” Dezine replied. “We’ve no idea what these troublemakers will do once they’ve been struck. Quite frankly, I don’t know if I will be able to survive this.”

“Are you still worried about your position? You mustn’t lose your cool now, Dezine,” Isaac said. “The war’s only just begun! Sit back and relax, sir, because I’ll make sure that you’re compensated greatly for your help.”

“It’s not that,” Dezine said.

“Oh? Then what is it?” Isaac asked.

“Recently, I’ve had to deal with much turnover in my military thanks to those traitors,” Dezine replied. “I know I can count on the men you suggested to me, but even then I am doubtful about what might happen should the Iiayikohn soldiers start getting any crazy ideas.”

“You’re being paranoid, my friend,” Isaac said. “Once we establish our hold on this region, people will know their place around you. You’ll finally become the leader you’ve wished your whole life to be. Besides, I’ve already got some great news for you.”

“You do?” Dezine asked.

Isaac chuckled. “It’s the greatest news I’ve ever heard,” he said, “Kirk Wilk is no more. Yet another obstacle of ours taken out with no way for anyone to ever find the body, either!”

“You… You mean that?” Dezine asked. “Am I hearing this correctly? You’ve killed him, Mr. Kunigunde?”

“I don’t deceive a valuable partner of mine,” Isaac replied, “Nor do I like to lie when it comes to good news for Foundation. You have heard me correctly, so I hope that this will be of comfort to you.”

Dezine did not know what to say. He had not considered Kirk Wilk for the most part, but he knew that he was an ally of Alan Berry. Anyone who chose to side of Alan had to be a threat and Dezine was sure that it meant good for him, but still some doubt remained. He worried what it would mean regarding the others involved with Kirk and if they had a chance of rising up and stopping him before he could do anything.

“One by one these people will fall, Prime Minister,” Isaac said. “Soon, we will have Oelaans in our hands. That will bring us even closer to achieving our goal and I cannot wait to see the look on your face when we win.”

Dezine listened as Isaac laughed. Slowly, he was reassured thanks to Isaac and his efforts. With one threat out of the way, Dezine knew that he would stay as Iiayikohn’s prime minister as long as he supported Foundation and Isaac.

“Thank you, Mr. Kunigunde,” Dezine said. “I won’t forget this.”

“I’m sure I won’t forget this either,” Isaac replied. “Now go ahead and take your break, sir. You deserve it!”

“I will.”

With his confidence restored, Dezine hung up the phone. He had a job to do and nothing would stop him, not even the traitors in his own country. With help from Isaac, Dezine would make an impact on the Thekohnian Region. But first he had to convince the citizens of Iiayikohn that war was what they wanted, which Dezine knew he would be able to do soon.


[24th of December, 2740 AD; the streets of the Felis District, Oelaans, Thekohn – Felis District]

The rush from the Ameci soldiers caught the Thekohnian military off guard as they scrambled to defend the city. Even though the word of the attack got out quick, Gavin found himself fighting alongside Law as they tried to help hold back the opposing forces. They were the last line of defense against the vicious attack by Ameci, which Gavin soon realized once he and Law faced off against Korbin and the rest of the Blood Ravens. Gavin could not give up, however, as he took out his pistol and aimed it at Korbin.

“I already know what you’re trying to do here,” Gavin said, “Unfortunately for you, I’m not going to let you get away with it!”

“Oh really?” Korbin asked. “Do you really know what we’re doing here? Do you think that we’d let a simple slip fly by like that?”

“You knew that this would happen, then,” Law said.

“That traitor, that asshole Johan Kuu, he thinks that he has Ameci beat, well he’s completely wrong!” Korbin exclaimed. “I’m going to that wretched kingdom and I’m going to kill him with my own two hands, as well as Sorin Wilk!”

“That’s not going to happen,” Gavin replied. “Lawrence and I followed the royal military here because we knew that you’d be here specifically. This won’t be like Glora, because I will finish you here like the scum you are.”

Korbin broke out a wide smile as he pulled out his gun. “I haven’t forgotten what you did to me,” he said. “No, I haven’t forgotten one bit. All you did last time was break a prototype, but now I got the real deal and I’d be willing to show you just what I can do!”

Gavin kept his aim on Korbin. “Try me, bastard.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” Korbin asked. “I gotta settle the score with Sorin, but you’ll be a fun warm-up for me.”

“Two on one,” Law said. “Even someone as smart as you should know that that’s a bad hand, though I’m not surprised to be honest.”

“I don’t fucking care,” Korbin said. “I’ve already gotten better and there’s little you can do about it!”

“What’s next?” Law asked. “Let me guess: you’re going to say ‘nothing can stop me,’ right?”

Korbin growled through his teeth as his eyebrows furrowed. “Do you think you can fuck with me so easily? Hell no! Just for that, I’m going to fuck you up!”

“Worth a shot,” Law replied.

Korbin pointed his gun at Law and fired. Law had already begun moving, however, and got behind Korbin, who turned around to face him. Gavin moved in and trained his gun on Korbin, firing two shots into Korbin’s back. Korbin yelled out in pain, but soon stopped and began to laugh.

“What the fuck?” Gavin asked. “How can you laugh like this?”

“I told you already, you shit sucking son of a bitch,” Korbin replied. “I got better. You might want to aim for my head instead, but I wouldn’t go trying that if I were you.”

“I’ll see about that!” Gavin exclaimed.

Gavin readied his next shot, but Korbin spun around and advanced on him with lightning-like movements. Now the two were facing each other, separated by only a few inches as Gavin pressed the barrel of his pistol into Korbin’s chest. The quiet tap Gavin heard came as a shock to him, which Korbin responded with an unscrupulous smile.

“Feel it now?” Korbin asked. “Your bullets don’t mean shit against this vest I’ve got beneath my uniform!”

“You have to be kidding me,” Law said.

“It’s a special model, unlike what they’ve got in the Ameci military,” Korbin replied. “In fact, that’s what makes me so amazing! I’ve got all this cool stuff and you don’t stand a chance against it!”

Gavin backed off as he watched Korbin rip open the top of his uniform. As he stated, Korbin wore what looked to be a vest made of metal. Gavin had never seen anything like this before, even with the various bulletproof vests that the military had offered. However, it did nothing to explain Korbin’s sudden burst of speed he had displayed, which made Gavin suspicious of what else Korbin hid from him.

“Now I should just kill you two right now,” Korbin said, “But that would be way too fucking easy, wouldn’t it?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Gavin asked.

Korbin grinned. As if on cue, a loud explosion rang through the city. Gavin and Law looked around and saw that the train station had been blown up. There was nothing that Gavin could have done to prevent it, but he was certain that he would take care of the man he felt was responsible for it.

“You really are the worst kind of human, aren’t you,” Gavin said. “You don’t care about anyone or anything at all! Asshole!”

“See if I fucking care,” Korbin said. “My job ain’t over yet!”

It was then that Gavin realized he needed to regroup with the soldiers and reduce the damage that had been caused. Korbin only served as a distraction and was successful in doing so, which made Gavin upset he could not take him down sooner. Still, Oelaans needed to be saved.

“Lawrence, we’re going to execute our back-up plan,” Gavin said.

“Understood,” Law replied.

“So now you’re going to attack me at the same time,” Korbin said. “I guess I can show you one trick before I go…”

Gavin’s plan, however, was not about fighting Korbin Mars. Rather, it was to find a way to run away from him and relocate towards the train station. With multiple ways to leave the area, Gavin and Law split up. Gavin took the alleyway while Law took to the street, which would connect to where they needed to be by the train station in the Felis District. As Gavin rushed through the alley, he began to wonder about Korbin and peered behind his shoulder.

“Wait, he’s not following me?” Gavin asked.

Gavin had to wonder if Korbin decided to go after Law instead, but knew that Law would be able to hold his own even if the chance of winning was slim. He had that amount of trust in Law to hold his own, which was why he felt that they fared well as a team.

Once he made it close to the train station, Gavin saw the damage up close as Law reunited with him. There was nothing to be said as soldiers gathered to meet with them. Off in the distance, several fire fighters hurried to the scene as the blaze created by the explosives raged on. There were still several battles that went on, but for the most part, the Thekohnian soldiers had done their best to hold off the opposition.

“What’s the report?” Gavin asked a nearby junior lieutenant.

“Well, we were able to hold off their forces, but the Ameci forces began to withdraw once the explosion happened,” the junior lieutenant said.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Law said.

“What are you talking about?” Gavin asked. “They blew up the train station in order to warn Rain.”

“If that was the case, then they would keep attacking,” Law replied. “If they withdrew once the explosion happened, then where the hell are they going? Are they going around the city?”

“There’s no way they’d rush here and leave like that,” Gavin said. “Junior lieutenant, did you see any other routes that they could have taken?”

The junior lieutenant shook her head. “Negative,” she replied. “Right now, we’re going to gather up everyone and discuss our next step. What will you two do in the meantime?”

“I think we need to inform the queen,” Law said. “We have a big problem if they’ve already moved on without a second thought.”

“We’re sure there’s no other Ameci soldiers around here?” Gavin asked.

“I’ll have to check with the others,” the junior lieutenant said. “But even if some of the Ameci forces choose to stay, they’ll be in smaller numbers.”

“Probably a good thing to stay here, then,” Gavin said. “Well, Lawrence, we should find a phone booth.”

Gavin went with Law to find the nearest phone booth, but he still could not shake the feeling that something was wrong. Korbin did not pursue him or Law, nor were his usual lackeys with him. With their attack on the Thekohnian train station successful, Ameci established itself as a threat. Gavin knew it had to do with Isaac Kunigunde and Foundation, yet that did not put General Fercewend and the president as blameless in the matter. Both had to have a hand with this attack, which Gavin found unforgivable. He had no time to think about it, though, as his newest concern was with everyone still in the kingdom and if they would be able to defend themselves.


[24th of December, 2740 AD; The Royal Kingdom of Thekohn – Inside Thedam Castle Queen’s Office]

The air felt cold on Rain’s face. She had just received a call from Gavin and Law about what happened in Oelaans. Only one thing was on her mind while she listened to what Gavin said, and she would make sure that Korbin and the Blood Ravens would be held accountable for their crimes. However, with little to go off of regarding the location of the Blood Ravens, Rain was hesitant to send out more forces until she was certain of Korbin’s location. Ayanna and Reiss waited as Rain carried the pressure given to her, while Rado spoke with the lieutenant general. Meanwhile Sorin and Mina listened to every word Rain spoke. In the room as well were Eva, Luna, and Pekka, who were awaiting what Rain was going to say to them next.

“If that’s the case, then I’ll tell Rado,” Rain said. “Thank you, Gavin.”

She said goodbye and hung up the phone. With both Gavin and Law still in Oelaans, there was a noticeable lack of presence in the castle. They would not be coming back until everything was under control in Oelaans, which Rain went and explained to everyone watching her.

“They’re headed here, then,” Rado said. He looked over to the lieutenant general. “Let us get ready, then. I’ll inform the soldiers what they gotta do.”

“Yes, we should do the same,” Reiss said. “Ayanna, we’ll have our soldiers cover Douglas Junction. Let Dierk know.”

“I’ll do that,” Ayanna said.

Everyone rushed around as Rain turned to Mina. Neither woman said a thing, but Mina understood and nodded. Mina then looked over to Sorin and gave him a thumbs up.

“We’ll be part of the last line of defense,” Mina said to Sorin, “But we don’t have to worry because I know we’ll hold them off just fine!”

“Let’s hope we do,” Sorin said.

“Remember, don’t be afraid to retreat,” Rain said. “Should it come to the worst, we have an emergency plan.”

“I understand!” Mina exclaimed.

With both Sorin and Mina leaving, Rain could feel the tension building up as she worried what might happen next. Both of her advisers waited for her upstairs, but even then she dreaded meeting them. Not because she did not want to meet with them, but because in actuality they were her true last line of defense in the castle. Storm managed to stay upstairs as well, holding herself up in her room with her bodyguard, but Rain wondered if that would be enough.

“You’re looking nervous,” Eva said.

“I’m sorry,” Rain said.

“Don’t apologize!” Luna said. “You’re in charge of this whole place now and you can’t let those creeps just make you worry just because they went through the city of Oelaans!”

“I know,” Rain replied. “I should act more like a leader, but I’m just worried about all of you. I don’t want you to get hurt if it gets worse.”

“Korbin and his band of fools are nothing,” Pekka said. “Just because they’re marching toward us doesn’t mean they’ll be successful. Especially not when we’ve got the advantage on the ground.”

“You might be right, Pekka,” Rain said. “Okay! The time for worrying is no more! Everyone, I know we can do this!”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll go follow after Sorin and Mina,” Eva replied. “I’ll make myself useful. Then we’ll be able to work things out and find Kirk.”

As Eva left, Rain felt an increasing amount of confidence flow through her. No question now was she ready to put a stop to the Blood Ravens’ attack now that she had the help of everyone important to her. With both Luna and Pekka at her side, Rain was ready.

To be continued…

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