Aurora – Chapter 16 (Part 1)

[21st of December, 2740 AD; West Marsh Street – Marketplace, Glora, Ahnlikohn]


Calamity ensued as Korbin and the Blood Ravens fired their guns all across the marketplace. They appeared to shoot without much direction as many of the citizens escaped the immediate area, but Korbin had managed to land a few shots on a couple of people as he and the other soldiers began to move closer.

“Are you fucking listening, ‘Your Majesty?’ Because I’m speaking!” Korbin exclaimed as he fired a few more shots. “Got a minute, you bitch? You gotta see this, don’t you? Your people who you claim to care about?”

He burst into laughter, which reverberated throughout the market. It had become complete chaos as few people were left writhing on the ground, wounded by Korbin and his fellow Blood Ravens. He appeared ready to command his men to move forward, but stopped and turned around. One of Korbin’s men had been knocked out onto the ground unconscious.

“What the fuck!?” Korbin asked.

He raised his gun and pointed ahead. On the other side of the Blood Ravens stood three familiar faces: Law, Luna, and Pekka. Pekka rubbed his fist as he picked up the unconscious soldier’s gun from off the ground and checked inside the chamber for bullets.

“What a nuisance,” Pekka said. “He didn’t even have the common sense to reload his gun before I knocked him out.”

“That doesn’t matter right now, Pekka,” Luna said. “These guys are making a mess of this city and we’re not going to stand for that!”

She took out her knife and glared at Korbin. He trained his gun on her, but Law stepped in front of her.

“I should’ve known better than to think that Isaac would wait it out,” Law said. “So he’s got you doing his dirty work in order to divert attention away from him, isn’t he?”

Korbin laughed as he cocked his pistol. “You want a taste of this, traitor? Because me and my boys here would be happy to give you three a little show before we move on!”

“I would say ‘you and what army,’ but it’s pretty obvious that this sorry excuse you’ve got going here can hardly be called an army,” Law replied. “Nine guys, the unfortunate soul lying on the ground notwithstanding, and you call this your army?”

“Are you fucking mocking me?” Korbin asked. “Let’s kill these three on the fucking spot!”

However, Law had already made his move. He apprehended the nearest soldier and grabbed his dominant arm, pointing his gun at one of the other Blood Ravens. Law used his other arm to hold the soldier in a headlock while Luna and Pekka followed up. They went through as Pekka dealt with several soldiers, trashing them as he thrust one of them into the brick wall nearby and knocked out two more after that. Luna held her own as well, using her knife in an effective manner to disarm two other soldiers. She teamed up with Pekka as they took on the remaining men, while Law faced off against Korbin.

“Gah, just shoot them already!” Korbin said. “Fucking shoot them you pieces of shit! You’re not getting paid to lose, you fuckheads!”

He trained his aim again, this time on Law. With Law holding the Ameci soldier in his grasp, he had the advantage. At least, that was what he thought. Korbin wasted no time shooting at his fellow soldier, which caused Law to let go and move out of the way. He had no way to prevent the bullet from striking the man, but Law knew it did not matter to Korbin. The soldier fell to the ground as blood began to spill out of the wound on his chest.

“You… Y-You shot me,” the soldier said. “You freaking shot me, Korbin! What the hell!?”

Korbin breathed heavily as he aimed his gun at the wounded soldier and fired a bullet at him. The other soldiers stopped, as did Luna and Pekka, as the bullet pierced the man’s skull.

“That should shut you up!” Korbin exclaimed. “Now, where were we, Law Power? Oh yeah, I was going to fucking kill you, you shit-eating bastard!”

Law chuckled, which then turned into laughter.

“You’re mocking me again, traitor!” Korbin screamed. “Stop your fucking laughing!”

“You really don’t know why your men stopped, do you?” Law asked. “Even you should be smart enough to know why, but I guess you just have a one track mind after all!”

Korbin growled as Law continued to laugh. “That’s not fucking funny!”

“Look behind you,” Law said.

“I’m not falling for that one, you son of a bitch bastard asshole,” Korbin said. “Time to die!”

He hurried up and pointed his gun at Law, his aim focused on the forehead. A gunshot followed, though Korbin did not fire. He looked down at his right arm and saw it begin to spark as another two gunshots rang out. The bullets came into contact with the shoulder base of his metal arm, which caused Korbin to turn around. Behind him, he saw Gavin and Sorin staring at him with their weapons drawn. Gavin had fired three shots into Korbin’s right arm, which damaged the prosthetic and rendered it useless.

“Unbelievable,” Korbin said. “This is unbelievable! I’ll kill you all!”

He tried to move fast, but Sorin charged at him with his sword held high. Sorin swung his sword swiftly, which took off Korbin’s metal arm at the base and let it drop to the ground. At this point, the other soldiers within Korbin’s group were all taken care of as Luna and Pekka joined Law.

“That was easy,” Pekka said.

“Don’t say that,” Luna replied, “I almost got one of those creep’s blood all over myself!”

As they were talking, Korbin tried to run away and charge at Law, but Gavin grabbed him from behind and thrust him into the wall. He pinned Korbin down and pressed the barrel of his gun against the back of Korbin’s neck.

“I’ll be damned if I let you escape, asshole,” Gavin said.

“Fucking do it, then,” Korbin said. “Shoot me in the back of the head! What will that do for you?”

Gavin grunted as he pressed the gun barrel harder into Korbin’s neck. “It’s tempting, but I’m not going to give you an easy escape,” he replied. “Not when I’ve got questions, so you better start answering!”

“You think he’s going to talk?” Luna asked.

“He better, damn it,” Gavin said. “What did you hope to gain from shooting up this place?”

“I don’t have to fucking answer a goddamn thing,” Korbin said. “You’re not going to pull that trigger, are you?”

Gavin smacked Korbin in the back of the head with his pistol. “I’ve told you already,” he said. “Did Isaac Kunigunde order you to do this? Answer me!”

Korbin uttered a strained laugh. “Like I’d answer you, motherfucker,” he replied. “Besides, it’s not over yet.”

“What do you mean?” Sorin asked. “What isn’t over yet?”

“Oh, I thought you would know, being friends with that woman you call your friend,” Korbin replied. “The Queen of Thekohn, right? Well, it might be too late to call her that…”

“Goddamn it! Tell us what you mean!” Gavin said.

“It’s too late,” Korbin said. “It’s too late to stop what’s already been put into motion! It’s useless!”

“Damn it all, I have a really bad feeling about this,” Sorin said. “If what he says is true, then Rain’s in trouble!”

Sorin hurried off in the direction of the Glora Grand Hall. Gavin remained with Korbin, but sirens soon began to blare. Luna and Pekka looked at each other while Law walked over to Gavin.

“Looks like you fucks are in a lot of trouble,” Korbin said. “You should have killed me when you had the chance!”

He elbowed Gavin in the ribs. Gavin took the sudden pain and let his grip loosen only for a brief moment, but that was all the time that Korbin needed in order to separate from him. Law tried to catch him, but Korbin proved to be quicker and desperate as he made he escape. With Korbin gone, there remained only the soldiers floundering about on the ground. Gavin clenched his fist as he put his gun away and shook his head.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” Gavin asked. “Fuck! I let that worthless little shit run away from us again!”

“It’s okay, bro,” Law said. “I think we’ve got bigger problems to worry about right now.”

“He’s not telling the truth, is he,” Luna said. “He has to be lying! Rain would never let herself get in danger! Never!”

“We’ve got no other options,” Pekka said. “Besides, those sirens are getting louder. We don’t want to be here when the military shows up, do we?”

“You’re right,” Luna replied. “We have to make sure Rain is safe!”

The four agreed and followed after Sorin to the Glora Grand Hall. There was no certainty about what was going on, but they knew now with the shooting, there was much that was thrown into question. They had to hurry as fast as they could in order to prevent further disaster from taking place.




[21st of December, 2740 AD; Glora Grand Hall – The Head of the Albatross, Glora, Ahnlikohn]


After the report of the shooting near the park, the speeches had been cancelled. Everyone inside the building gathered to secure themselves in case of the worst possible scenario. Every except Isaac Kunigunde, Casper and Crawford Bradley, Erik Ellis, and Wilson Dezine. Fercewend, meanwhile, spent his time gathering the Ameci representatives while Isaac led the way towards the top floor of the Glora Grand Hall. Normally, the floor was not accessible to anyone besides the Ahnle Royal Family and the government, but with all the turmoil that had been caused, Isaac found it rather easy to go up the stairs without anyone to stop him.

“I knew it,” Isaac said. “One little instance of gunfire and these fools scatter like roaches in a dank, dimly lit washroom!”

“Your plan really worked,” Bradley said. “Then again, I knew well that Korb wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to cause a little mayhem for the hell of it.”

They walked down the hallway, passing the empty rooms as Isaac spotted two guards posted at a pair of closed doors. He signaled to Casper, who in turn nodded to his son.

“Are you sure the chancellor’s in there?” Erik asked.

“Relax, Private Ellis,” Casper said. “My god, Isaac, it looks even easier than what you’ve told me.”

Isaac chortled. “Harring’s popularity has gone down the tubes ever since the assassination of Alan Berry,” he said. “It’s all played into our hands nicely, right, Mr. Prime Minister?”

“It is indeed working in our favor,” Dezine said.

“I told you, didn’t I?” Isaac said. “Once this is over, that stuff that was said about us yesterday will be old news once the people find out about Chancellor Harring.”

“All to secure that glory,” Bradley said. “Very well.”

“Make it fast,” Casper said.

Bradley nodded and walked up to the nearest guard. He approached the man from behind and cut his throat with a knife. After that, the other guard took notice but before he could do or say anything, Bradley eliminated the guard with a stab to the side of his neck. With both guards out of the way, Isaac and the rest of the group moved over to Bradley.

“See, Ellis?” Isaac asked. “There is no need to worry. Not after what we’ll be able to do.”

“As long as Korb is able to lead the way, it will be good for us,” Bradley said. “Soon enough, we’ll be able to draw traitor from out of the shadows.”

Bradley then kicked the closed doors, jarring them open. Inside the office stood Chancellor Harring talking on the phone. The chancellor looked up and hung up the phone in a prompt manner as Isaac entered the room with the others behind him.

“You… What do you want with me?” Harring asked. “Didn’t I do enough? I thought you were going to protect me after what the prince did!”

“Look around you, Gerhardt,” Casper said. “The world’s falling apart and all you can do is make phone calls and plead for your life.”

Harring jumped to his feet. “You can’t be serious! After making sacrifices in order to secure the future of this country, you want to just dispose of me?”

“You’ve been making sacrifices, that much is true,” Isaac replied, “But there is one sacrifice you haven’t made. The ultimate sacrifice that will ensure that we will be able to rule this world without anyone interfering!”

Harring began to hyperventilate. “Impossible! Utterly impossible!”

He reached into the top drawer of his desk and reached for his gun, but it proved to be futile. A sole gunshot rang out. Harring looked down and saw the wound in his chest around where his heart was and slumped over the desk. Blood soon began to spill over the surface as Isaac handed the revolver to Erik. With the deed done, Bradley walked over to inspect the chancellor.

“Wipe it clean, then dispose of it,” Isaac said to Erik. “It’s a very rare gun, so there should be no chance of tracing the bullet back to us.”

“Yeah, this should be pretty easy to do,” Bradley said. “You just need to give me some time, pops.”

“Some time?” Casper asked. “We should be moving now!”

Bradley grumbled. “Just go on ahead,” he said. “I’ll catch up to the rest you later.”

“Let him be,” Isaac said to Casper. “Clearly he trusts his own genius and we should give him the opportunity to shine.”

“Oh, fine then,” Casper said. “So I assume that you’ll not draw any needless attention to yourself, then.”

“I’ll be as quiet as possible,” Bradley replied.

“Very well,” Casper said.

Everyone except for Bradley left the chancellor’s office. He took a look at the now deceased chancellor before him as a large smile formed on his face. It would take some time, but Bradley was certain he would be able to enact the next part of the plan without too much trouble. As long as Korbin was able to fulfill his end of the plan, Bradley knew that it would all go off without a problem. As Bradley sat up Harring’s corpse, he imagined that it was about time for them to show up at the Hall anyway and hurried along with his job.


To be continued…


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