Sundown – Chapter 24 (Part 2)

[15th of September, 2740 AD; Odd Road Way, Habicht, Ahnlikohn]


After spending the night over at the Luna’s home, Johan, Pariton, and Luna made their way to bus station. Johan had already gotten what he needed from the Neu Thekohnian Order’s camp, but now he had a new plan in place and needed the help of both Pariton and Luna along the way. The next bus sat idling by the curb as the three got on and took a couple of seats in the back.

“I’ve never actually left this country before,” Luna said. “You obviously have a lot of experience traveling this region, don’t you?”

“It’s part of my job,” Johan replied, “But I guess I’m probably going to be working independently from here on out. That is to say with you two by my side I will continue my work.”

“Well, as long as we’re working to stop the Neu Thekohnian Order, then I will follow you and Pekka to the ends of the earth,” she said. “After what you said last night, it inspired me.”

“I’m glad my words can evoke that reaction from you,” Johan said. “I’m sure that your brother would think you to be a noble young woman for joining my cause in helping to create a world without wars.”

“It’s something Lenne would have loved to hear,” Luna replied. “He was a member of the army that served under the Ahnle family, but died about a month ago when the Neu Thekohnian Order started popping up. What we heard was that it was an ambush during an occupation in Glora.”

“That was when you made your decision, right?” Johan asked.

Luna nodded. “It’s because of that I wanted to get revenge,” she said. “Their leader is the one I wanted, because once you kill the head, the body should drop, shouldn’t it? Anyway, I like you method of attack better, boss, so that’s why I want to come along with you and Pekka.”

“Then you’ve made a fine choice,” Johan said.

“So what’re we doing over in Oelaans anyway?” Luna asked. “If it has to do with taking down the Neu Thekohnian Order, do you already know about their next attack?”

“Let’s just say that it’s a hunch,” Johan replied.

He kept the fact that he had joined with the Neu Thekohnian Order to himself because he knew exactly how Pekka and Luna would react. For now, it was all about patience for Johan now that he had joined alongside the enemy. He also had a feeling that Korbin went and informed General Fercewend about what he had seen on the day of the attack on Helm. Despite Korbin’s reputation, Johan knew that there was no risking going back to the Ameci military any time soon because of that.

Luna leaned in towards Johan. “That’s towards the kingdom, isn’t it?”

“I’ll admit that it’ll be my first time heading there,” Johan said.

“As it will be mine,” Pariton said.

“I wonder if we’ll have to show any ID,” she said. “I’ve heard many stories about the royal family. Do you we’ll see them?”

“It’s not really something I’m sure of,” Johan answered. “Then again, I’m not exactly sure if we’ll be able to see them anyway.”

“Being a royal must be so demanding,” Luna said.

“You might be right,” Johan said

There was one question that continued to eat away at Johan and it involved the queen’s aide, Sir Lauren Ahga. Was he the true leader of the Neu Thekohnian Order? Johan considered it to be possible, but the next question was why would Jelka Arne be propped up as the leader. Did she know something about Ahga that could bring him down? Or was it the other way around? And what about the Queen of Thekohn herself? Johan did not want to assume the worst, but he still had to consider even that to be a possibility. After all, it affected not only the Thekohnian Region, but the entire world.

Luna snapped her fingers in front of Johan’s face. “Hey boss, are you just going to stare off into space like that? Or do you have anything else to say about Oelaans?”

“There’s one place I know we’ll have to go,” Johan said. “It’ll be hard to get into, but I’m certain we can find a way in.”

“Really?” Luna asked. “Then I trust you, since you’re a master spy and all.”

“You really like to deliver such high praise for my abilities,” Johan replied. “Perhaps I should deliver praise onto you in return: you were really good at sneaking up on us last night. I didn’t hear a single peep out of you until it was too late.”

“A surprise, all things considered,” Pariton said.

“Hey, I was actually really good at hide and seek as a kid,” Luna replied. “One one end I could find all my schoolmates no problem, while the other end I just was able to hide for a really long time. There was this one time I thought that no one could find me, and after a while, people started to get really concerned about where I went, so that was when I popped out of my hiding place and laughed, though I guess no one actually found it that funny, but I still think it was pretty hilarious.”

“Do you have any other skills?” Johan asked. “Anyone can be halfway decent with a knife, but do you have anything else?”

“I used to be a pretty good percussionist back in school,” she answered. “I used to clash a pair of cymbals for hours, or at least until one of the teachers told me to stop playing so hard.”

“With a story like that, I’m surprised you haven’t gone deaf yet,” Pariton said. “Then again, I used to work by a train station, which made me go partially deaf in my right ear.”

“Seriously?” Luna asked. “Like can you only hear about half of the things I’m saying to you?”

“That’s not it,” Pariton replied. “I’m still able to hear everything you say, after all.”

“I’ve seen you fire guns before,” Johan said. “That’s not a problem for you?”

“No doubt the ringing is bad, Mr. Johan,” Pariton said, “But in combat I’m able to focus all of my energy and ignore the pain.”

“Then it has to hurt after a fight, doesn’t it?” Luna asked.

“It’ll keep hurting and hurting until it doesn’t,” Pariton answered. “Who knows when that will happen, but it will happen.”

“You’ve never been to a doctor, then,” Johan said.

“If there’s a doctor that’ll treat an ex-True Thekohnian, I’d be all for it,” Pariton said. “Unfortunately, it’d probably involve me heading back to prison and don’t want that.”

“And that’s probably all you’ll say about that,” Johan said. “Anyway, we’ve got quite a bit of time until we hit Oelaans.”

“Oh, maybe we should sing a song,” Luna replied.

“Let’s try not to get kicked off the bus if we can help it,” Pariton said. “We don’t need to draw attention to ourselves, anyhow.”

Luna hung her head. “Then maybe we should think up what we ought to do to help our boss,” she said. “We’re sorta like his hands and feet when you think about it.”

“There’s one thing I want to ask of you,” Johan said, “Do you think you could just address me by my name? No formalities whatsoever, okay?”

“I guess I can try… Mr. Johan, sir,” Luna replied. “A-Anyway! There’s the fact that if the Neu Thekohnian Order is going to make their next strike where we’re going, we should look to undermine them!”

“How do you propose we go about doing that?” Pariton asked.

“It’s simple,” Luna said, “We can go and inform the local police about the impending attack and once they divert their attention to that, Johan can go and do what it is he needs to do. I can do all of that just for you.”

“That’s a great idea,” Johan said. “Pekka would be too suspicious if he were to go to the police, so you would be perfect in that role.”

“And if there’s any Neu Thekohnians that try to sneak past, I’ll just smash them over the head!” Luna exclaimed.

Pariton shushed her. “Are you trying to get everyone’s eyes and ears on us? Lower your voice.”

“Oh, um, I’m very sorry,” she said, “But like I said, my idea may sound a little simple, but sometimes the best executed plans are some of the simplest. It’ll be a three prong attack with me going towards the police, Pekka using his wits, and you going off to your destination.”

“What kind of idea is that?” Pariton asked. “What do you mean by me using my wits, Luna?”

“To be honest, I don’t know,” she said. “It sounded much better in my head and I guess my mouth just decided to plop out that thing I said.”

Johan laughed as he leaned back in his seat. “Don’t worry, I’ve got an idea for what Pekka can do out there.”

“Oh, well then that’s good,” Luna said. “I guess we really are a team after all, aren’t we? Maybe we should come up with a team name or something.”

“I don’t think we need any sort of team name,” Pariton said. “What good would it do for us?”

“Come on, I think we can have a little fun while we’re trying to change the world,” Johan replied. “Lay it on us, Luna.”

“Well, since we are kind of a revolution, perhaps something like ‘Future in the Darkness’ or something similar?”

“Sounds good, but I’d like to keep a little more simple,” Johan replied. He closed his eyes for a brief moment and had an idea. “Maybe, just maybe… From this day forth, we’re going to be known as the Moonlit Silence.”

“Wow, I really like that name after all,” Luna said. “You came up with that one on the fly and it still made my idea look like crap!”

“Don’t put yourself down too much,” Johan replied. “We’re still ahead of the Neu Thekohnian Order in a lot of ways and I’m going to need help from the both of you.”

“Name or no name, we’re going to put a stop to them,” Pariton said.

“That we will,” Johan said. “For now, let’s just enjoy the sights on our way to Oelaans.”

He sat back once more and rested his head against the top of the seat. Whatever came next, Johan was sure to be ready for as he had two competent allies on his side. The plan of his was going along well, despite the small bump in the road at the campgrounds. Johan hoped having Luna join his side would end up proving to be helpful, as she had skills that both he and Pariton lacked. Then there was the fact he would have to run into Sorin again along the way. He could only wonder what would happen once he met with his friend once again.


To be continued…


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