Sundown – Chapter 17 (Part 1)

[11th of September, 2740 AD; Inside of Rieder Park, Rezar, Iiayikohn – Out of Town]


The inside of Rieder Park was empty with nearly no sign of life, save for both Gavin and Law Power hanging out around the entrance. They were to meet with both Ahnle princes in order to corner them and hopefully capture them as well. Despite Eva’s concern, she waited several meters away at the north exit to the city where one of the payphones stood nearby. After some wait, however, Amile and Amos Ahnle arrived at the park to which Law greeted them both.

“I’m so glad that you’ve decided to come,” Law said. “It wasn’t easy in the slightest getting some space here.”

Amos whispered something into Amile’s ear, to which the crown prince nodded and smiled.

“Do you both take me for a fool?” Amile asked. “It seems to me as if you’re hoping to lead me astray from what I really want to do hear, buds.”

“Let me be the first to reassure you, then,” Law replied. “This is a really nice place. I only wish that you could experience it for yourself, because it truly is something worth remembering.”

“Right, I guess all these people will say the same thing,” Amile said, “All zero of them, to be exact.”

Law laughed. “I guess nothing escapes that eagle-eyed brother of yours,” he said. “Maybe there isn’t anybody around, but nonetheless this is quite a scene.”

“Maybe you aren’t hearing me,” Amile replied, “I live for the pursuit of women and fame, and a run down park like this is far from that life.”

“Then let’s cut to the fucking chase,” Gavin said. “Just admit your crime here and we’ll skip all the bullshit.”

“My crime?” Amile asked. “I’m sorry, but I truly have no idea what you’re talking about at all.”

“Right, you say that,” Law said. “Would you mind telling me how you knew about the prime minister’s assassination? I remember what you said quite vividly and it’s fascinated me: ‘shooting a man in cold blood,’ was it not?”

Amile smirked. “That’s a wild assertion, Mr. Power,” he said. “Perhaps you can entertain me with some more of your preposterous balderdash while we’re here.”

“Brother, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Amos said.

“Please, Amos, this is quite entertaining after all, wouldn’t you agree?” Amile asked, his voice breaking slightly. “The nerve of this man, this commoner, this no name… To call me out as a killer!”

Gavin moved his hand toward his holster. “Enough fucking around,” he said. “Your arm’s also in some pretty bad shape, is it not?”

“Speaking of which, I don’t think that the prime minister would be one go down without a fight,” Law said. “He must’ve injured your arm pretty good if you say that the whole deal is hurt, right?”

“You… you know not what talking about,” Amile replied.

“You mentioned having a doctor’s papers about this injury, did you not?” Law asked. “There should be no trouble producing these papers if you had no involvement with the assassination.”

“And you better not say you don’t have it, asshole,” Gavin said. “Murder is already bad enough, but to carry out to act on the goddamn prime minister? You must think you have some big fucking balls, don’t you?”

Amile struggled to stifle his laughter. “What nonsense… I’m a killer? Me, the… the crown prince of Ahnlikohn, a killer?”

“What’s the matter?” Gavin asked. “If you’re going to confess, you’d best do it now.”

“I can’t confess, you buffoon!” Amile exclaimed. “I’m the fucking crown prince, not some animalistic killer! You want to call me an assassin!? Just tell me how! How could I do such a thing!?”

“That we don’t know,” Law said, “But all we’ve found out and all the evidence that we have points to you.”

“And you expect… you expect me to sing?” Amile asked. “Buffoons, the both of you! You’re both buffoons! Obtuse, near-sighted buffoons!”

He erupted into laughter as he dropped to the ground. Gavin pulled out his gun and aimed at Amile as he stepped forward.

“It’s no use now, you piece of shit,” he said. “There’s already some back-up coming for you, so you should go peacefully with us.”

“Gavin, look out!” Law said.

Law rushed towards Gavin and tackled him to the ground as a shot rang out. Amos had drawn a gun of his own and hurried over to Amile as Gavin sat up and viewed the two.

“That was a warning,” Amos said. “Come on, brother, let’s go!”

Without a second thought, Amos led Amile past both Gavin and Law and into the depths of the park. Gavin got up to his feet and dusted himself off while Law scoped the rest of the park to see where the two princes could have gone.

“You’d think they would leave the way they came,” Law said. “Sorry about that, bro. Didn’t expect him to pull on a gun on us, to be honest.”

“That’s it,” Gavin said. “I’m not about to let those assholes get away! Let’s go after them, Lawrence!”

“Certainly can’t let them get away, now can we?”

They went in the direction where Amile and Amos sped off to, hoping to find them both within the crowded forest that resided inside the park. Nothing could be done to break the silence that floated around both Gavin and Law as they tried to find the two responsible for the assassination of Alan Berry. Taking no chances, Law hid behind the closest tree he could find as Gavin did the same.

“You two are quite persistent, you know that?” Amile asked.

“Only because we know it was you and we’re going to stop you with whatever it takes!” Gavin exclaimed. “Now show yourself or else I’m going to come over there and drag you out myself!”

Amile had no response except to shoot at Gavin. The bullet managed to fly by the tree, missing him entirely as Gavin popped out from behind the tree and fired his gun at the prince. His bullet almost hit Amile if not for Amos shoving him to the side and just barely having the bullet graze his arm.

“Maybe your idea of justice is misguided,” Amile said. “This notion that you say I killed the prime minister: so what if I did? What would you be able to do to me anyway, bud?”

“Don’t even try me,” Gavin replied.

“So you mean to say that you think you’ll get away with it?” Law asked. “You’re not above the hammer of justice. Once the Iiayikohnian government finds out you did it, they’ll be looking to deal with you as quickly as possible.”

“I’m to take the word of a couple of buffoons?” Amile asked. “What a shame that you’re so ill-informed; I feel sorry for your tiny brains.”

“Excuse me!?” Gavin asked. “How about you go fuck yourself, you fucking piece of fucking shit! Better get your fucking ass ready, you fucking prick, because I’m about to fuck you up and shoot your fucking ass down!”

“You can’t let him get to you, bro,” Law said. “We’re just going to have to get them by force, even if it means it will be a rough one.”

“Try as you like, you’re not going to take me in!” Amile said. “I might be without my sight, but I can find out where you are based on sound alone!”

“I fucking dare you to do it,” Gavin replied. “The moment you leave yourself open is the moment I close in on your sorry ass!”

Gavin’s comment was met with the quick response of Amile’s gun firing. This time, it managed to hit the upper branch of the tree Gavin hid behind, which caused the branch to snap and fall to the ground.

“Let’s move,” Law said under his breath. “These guys are just gonna get us if we stay in one place.”

“Good idea,” Gavin said.

They hurried over to the next part of the forest, where another section of trees awaited them. From this point, Gavin was able to scope out Amos who was looking around while Law took his place behind one of the trees. Gavin took out his gun and fired at Amos, who ended up taking the bullet in his right arm. He screamed in pain as he fell to his knees as Gavin took to hiding once again.

“Amos! Are you okay!?” Amile asked.

“They got me, brother,” Amos replied. “It’s not a fatal shot, but… damn it… it really hurts!”

“I can’t believe you’d strike my dear Amos!” Amile shouted. “Just tell me where they ran off to and I’ll finish them myself!”

“No, I can still do this,” Amos said as he stood up. “It’s just a simple bullet wound!”

He tore off the right sleeve of his shirt and proceeded to wrap the unstained part around the wounded area. Then, Amos ran behind the nearest tree he could find as Gavin peeked momentarily only to find that he could not find either prince in plain sight.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” he said.

“It’s going to be tough as long as they’re cooperating like this,” Law said. “If we could just take one of them out, then the other brother will be easy to take out.”

“What a bunch of bullshit,” Gavin replied. “They’re just going to keep moving if we continue to just stand around and do nothing.”

Law shrugged. “It’s possible,” he said. “I have an idea, though.”

“And what bright idea is going on in your head?”

“Just hear me out,” Law replied. “If I’m right about this, then their capture is not too far off for us.”




[11th of September, 2740 AD; Northern Gate, Rezar, Iiayikohn – Tera District]


At the exit to the city, Eva Bellamy stood by and looked off into the distance where the park was. After a fair amount of time, she would have to make a call to the New Prime Minister’s office. That was when she heard the faint, first gunshot ring out in the distance.

“Just come out of this alive, okay,” Eva said. “I guess that’s as good a time as any, so I guess I’ll make the call now.”

As she turned to the payphone sitting by the building, Eva noticed two men dressed in dark red hanging by the entrance. She would have thought very little of it, until the fact that one of them approached her as she tried to use the phone.

“Excuse me, but who do you think you’re calling?”

“It’s none of your concern,” she replied.

“I know you’re lying,” he said. “You’re one of the Swords of Eight, aren’t you?”

Eva’s hand twitched as she tried to let it go. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said. “Now if you’ll excuse me…”

As she eyed the phone, the man decided to strike first as he drew a long knife and attempted to attack her. Eva could anticipate the attack, however, as she moved out of the way as the man ended up running into the wall. The other man took out a knife as well, leading Eva to draw her sword.

“You must be foolish if you think you’re going to get me like that,” she said. “Who are you working for and why are you attacking me?”

There was no response as the two men dashed towards her, but Eva’s smaller size helped her to dodge their attacks. There was no scratch on her as one of the men stomped the ground while the other turned around and threw his knife at Eva in a fit of rage. It managed to miss her as she moved slightly to the left, but Eva still stood on guard as she anticipated their next attack.

“I’ll ask again: who do you work for?” Eva asked. “Depending on your answer, I might just let the two of you live.”

“It doesn’t matter, since we’re going to kill you anyway,” the knifeless man said. “We’re part of the Neu Thekohnian Order and we’ve been given a special task on behalf of our client.”

Eva tightened the grip on her sword. “Your client?”

“Too bad you won’t get to ask him yourself!”

As the man raised his arm to strike, he was met with a quick surprise as Eva swung her sword and slashed his throat. He dropped to the ground in an instant while the other man tried to catch Eva off guard, but he was just as unlucky as she thrusted the handle end of her sword into his chest. The subsequent impact cracked his rib and made him drop his knife as Eva turned and thrusted her sword into his chest.

“It really is true,” he said, “You… really are ‘Eva the Killer,’ aren’t you?”

With his last breath, the man collapsed as Eva took the cloth from his pocket and used it to clean her blade. With a deep sigh, she sheathed the sword once more as she turned to the payphone.

“I’m sorry, Kirk,” she said. “I didn’t have much of a choice.”

She picked up the receiver as she took out a coin and inserted it into the slot. If that gunshot was anything to go by, Eva would have to hurry. Not only that, but the two assailants that she had killed would also need to be taken care of. There was a growing concern that there was more to this Prince Amile than Eva had initially thought and she needed to help both Gavin and Law in any way she could.


To be continued…


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