Sundown – Chapter 2 (Part 2)

Setting back into Mark’s Restaurant brought back memories for Law. It was when he and Mina had their first “date,” which was also the day that he had met Ayanna as well. He had considered Ayanna not only a respectable person, but someone that he had immense feelings for. Obviously Law admired many beautiful women, but Ayanna was much more than that to him.

“So, how long are you planning to stare off to the side?” Ayanna asked.

“Only until you noticed,” Law replied. “I was just wondering what I was going to have for dessert.”

“I thought that we were going to share that famed wild berry tart,” she said. “Mina even recommended it and I usually take her word on this sort of thing.”

Mina sat next to Gavin as she already began to eat the meat stew she had ordered. As she usually did, Mina had a lot of food in front of her as she worked on the three dishes one by one. Meanwhile, Gavin drank his second coffee of the night as his grilled fish had not been eaten yet.

“You haven’t touched your food,” Ayanna said. “Are you okay?”

“I’ll get to it,” Gavin replied. “I’m just thinking over here. Is that wrong?”

“No… Of course not,” she said, “But that does not mean you should be so defensive when I ask you a question.”

“Just leave him be,” Law said. “Anyway, how was your day?”

Ayanna sighed. “Uneventful,” she said. “I know that I should be happy since the True Thekohnians have been defeated, but lately things have been so boring.”

“Maybe you and I should take a vacation,” Law replied.

“Ooh, can I come?” Mina asked as she stopped eating for a moment.

“Not a chance,” Law said. “It’ll be just the two of us, Ayanna. You deserve that much from me.”

“I know,” Ayanna said, “But I can’t just suddenly take a leave of absence. I love you, but I need to keep this job. I’ve busted my arse to get to where I am now.”

“That’s how it is, then?” Law asked. “Nah, it’s okay, even if it makes me a little sad that we can’t just properly spend time as a couple.”

“Excuse me.”

Law turned around and saw a woman of average height standing behind him. She had her hands together and had short, blonde hair.

“Well, can I help you?” Law asked.

“Not you,” the woman said. “I was wondering if I could ask her a question.”

She pointed over at Mina, who stopped eating as all of the attention turned to her. As she wiped her mouth with a napkin, Mina looked over at the woman.

“What is it?” Mina asked.

“You’re the hero of Rezar, right? Every villain’s worst nightmare?”

Mina’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, yeah! That’s me,” she replied. “Mighty Mina, right here at your service!”

The woman blushed. “Amazing! I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all you’ve done for this city,” she said.

“Thank you!” Mina said. “It’s my duty as a hero to make sure people are safe and I’m happy you feel that way!”

“You’re welcome,” the woman said. “If there’s anything I can do… Anything at all, I would love to help.”

“Sorry, but Mina’s a one woman army,” Law said. “As lovely as you are, Mina is the star that shines the brightest in Rezar.”

“R-Right, what he said!” Mina said.

“I understand,” she replied. “It was great talking to you, however. Please don’t hesitate if you ever want to have a chat.”

With that, the woman left and headed back to her table. Law laughed as he looked over to Mina, who was looking down at her food.

“You’re lucky I’m here,” he said. “She’d have taken you away from me had I not butted in.”

“Really?” Mina asked.

“Well, she almost certainly wouldn’t have invited me along,” Law replied. “Not that I would have gone had she offered, but I can tell when a lady is infatuated with someone. I have experience.”

Gavin pushed up his sunglasses. “Experience? Don’t make me burst out laughing in public.”

“Bro’s just jealous because he doesn’t understand,” Law said.

“I understand full well,” Gavin said. “You’re trying to stir shit up again by doing what you always do.”

“Well, if I knew what it was that I was doing, I might agree with you,” Law said. “Unfortunately, I’m left in the dark and not in a good way.”

“So what’s the problem?” Mina asked. “Are you worried that I might have left with her? When I still have all this food to eat?”

Ayanna shook her head. “Normally I would just file this as being one of Law’s usual antics,” she said, “But I am wondering myself what the problem is here.”

“Oh, I know what it is,” Mina said, “He’s just upset because I’ve been getting more attention than him!”

“And you say that with a grin on your face, like it’s a joke,” Law replied.

“Seriously?” Ayanna asked. “You’re worried because Mina has been receiving more attention from women than you have?”

“I have a reputation to uphold,” he said.

Ayanna placed a hand upon her face. “I’m sorry, but this is just dumb,” she said. “Please just let it go, Law. Let Mina have this.”

“Look, I don’t care who Mina likes,” Law replied.

“Then get over it!” Ayanna said.

Law gasped. “You know what, you’re right,” he said. “Mina’s my friend and I shouldn’t let something meaningless get in the way of our friendship.”

“Yay, I’m so glad you said that!” Mina exclaimed. “Now I can finally eat without wondering if I made you mad.”

“What can I say?” Law asked. “I can’t get mad at you when you smile like that.”

“Anyway, now that that’s settled, I have a question,” Ayanna said. “Gavin, you’ve been quiet for most of our dinner. Are you really okay?”

“I told you before that I’m thinking,” he answered.

“Yes, you have,” she said, “But I can tell when someone has a burden on their mind.”

“Yeah, she has experience,” Law said.

“Well, it’s not that important,” Gavin said. “It’s just a small task someone came to me with.”

“Oh, like a bounty?” Law asked. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Because the person that the bounty was placed for is dead,” he replied. “There, now you know why.”

“Somehow I doubt it,” Ayanna said.

Gavin rubbed his chin and tried to look away, but Ayanna kept staring at him until he let out an exasperated sigh. “Fine, you wanna know that badly?”

He pulled out of his pocket a folded up sheet of paper and opened it. Ayanna grabbed it and as she looked, her eyes widened.

“Rysol Wilk, last seen in Jiaikohn,” she said. “But that’s impossible, right?”

Law smiled and leaned forward. “Say, bro, where was it that Gale said she and Sorin were heading to?”

“You’re really asking me, aren’t you,” Gavin said. “She said something about that country to the southwest… It was past Maeitakohn, I know that.”

“Damn, your memory is failing you, bro,” Law said.

“Shut it,” he said.

“It was Kikuisha,” Ayanna said, “But Jiaikohn is not too far off from there.”

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Law asked. “Bro, perhaps it’s chance that brought this request to you.”

“The hell are you talking about?” Gavin asked.

“Think about it, Gavin,” Law said, “Why does that bounty for Rysol Wilk exist? Obviously someone has information on his whereabouts.”

“Okay, now you’re really sounding like an idiot,” Gavin said. “He’s dead. Sorin said as much himself.”

“Nobody found a body, though,” Law replied. “There was no report about him, was there? Ayanna, mind backing me up?”

“No such report has been filed,” she answered.

“See? That’s enough evidence to suggest that Rysol is alive,” Law said. “And who would know about Rysol Wilk besides Sorin and his father? Only a True Thekohnian.”

“This’d be one hell of a bounty, though,” Gavin said. “It’d take a little over a day at least to head to the capital.”

Law shrugged. “You’re not wrong,” he said. “So that would be all the more reason to head out early tomorrow morning.”

“You’re leaving tomorrow?” Mina asked.

“Before the sun rises and way before you get up,” Law replied. “That’s how the Super Power Brothers do it.”

“Please never call us that again,” Gavin said. “Though I should say that you make a good point.”

“It’s a go, then?”

“Lawrence, I’d be surprised if Rysol was still alive,” he replied, “But the possibility that a True Thekohnian is out there in Jiaikohn does raise concern.”

“Just don’t get yourselves killed,” Ayanna said.

“That’s not gonna happen,” Law said. “Anything that comes at us, both my bro and I are prepared. I have my good looks and luck while Gavin, I guess, has a baseball bat.”

“You’re still carrying around that old piece of wood?” Ayanna asked. “Fine, I guess I’ll have to help you out, Gavin.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just come with me after dinner,” she said.

“Fine,” Gavin said.

He placed down his empty cup and sat back in his chair. Meanwhile, Law was finally excited that there was a chance to gain the information he was looking for. After dinner had passed, Gavin went with Ayanna to the prime minister’s office. Law and Mina, however, went back to her home as Law could not wait for tomorrow.


To be continued…


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