Chapter 6 – Part 4

[2740 AD; Prime Minister’s Office – Deca District]


“I’m honored to be speaking with you again, President Hasker,” Alan said.

He sat at the desk, phone sitting atop as he held the receiver to his head. The sudden call to his office threw Alan off; he did not expect to be speaking with the Ameci president so soon after their last meeting over a month ago.

“Alan, you don’t need to be so formal,” Hasker said. “You’re free to call me Piere.”

“Very well, Piere,” Alan replied.

“I must also inform you that I am not alone here in my office,” Hasker added, “General Fercewend has decided to join us, as well as Isaac Kunigunde.”

“Fercewend I can understand,” Alan said, “But Kunigunde is not part of your office, is he?”

“He’s not,” Hasker replied. “It was at the general’s request that Kunigunde attend this call.”

“A strange request, Rohan,” Alan said. “Is there a reason for why someone not associated with the Ameci government is in on this call?”

There was a momentary pause, then Fercewend spoke up.

“If you speak with him… prime minister… you’ll find he has much to do with this call,” Fercewend said.

“Alan Berry, is it?” Isaac asked. “It is a pleasure to be speaking with you.”

“The same to you, Mr. Kunigunde,” Alan said.

“I wanted to speak about our meeting this week,” Hasker said. “I am afraid I am unable to make it to Iiayikohn for the conference. A family matter, you know.”

“I understand,” Alan said. “He was an amazing man. I am sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you, Alan,” Hasker replied. “This is a bit of an unprecedented move, but I’m sending the general in my place. He’s been briefed on all the details.”

“Very well,” Alan said.

“I am honored to work with you,” Fercewend said. “I am also hoping to meet with the Iiayi military as well.”

“You will meet them in due time, General,” Alan replied. “Should I assume that Mr. Kunigunde will be going with you as well?”

“As an observer, Prime Minister,” Isaac said. “As a businessman, I admire the hard work people like you do for your country.”

“You should know, General, that these conferences are private,” Alan said.

“I know, I know,” Fercewend replied.

“Do not worry,” Isaac said, “You can trust me with a secret.”

“General, I cannot say that I am on board with this,” Alan said. “Sharing private information amongst an outsider is not something I can easily condone.”

The air grew thick as Alan rested his hand on the desk. Tapping his fingers atop the wood, Alan waited for a response. He sighed and cleared his throat as Fercewend spoke once again.

“Isaac, I hope you understand,” Fercewend said. “I look forward to meeting with you this week, Mr. Prime Minister.”

“Just being here is good enough,” Isaac said. “It feels like I’ve learned something new just by being here.”

“It’s settled, then, Alan,” Hasker said. “It has been great talking with you. I’m sorry that I can’t be there, but I think you and Rohan will get along just fine.”

“Then I will speak with you later,” Alan said.

Alan made his goodbyes with Hasker, Fercewend, and Isaac, and then hung up the phone. Of course, it was not the first time he had spoken with Fercewend, nor was it with Isaac. It had been years ago when he met the both of them, the members of the esteemed Fercewend bloodline. Alan remembered Rohan’s fiery persona, a drastic contrast to the man he had just spoken with. Isaac, however, proved to be the same as he had been in the past.

“I don’t know what Isaac is doing,” Alan said, “Fercewend stated his importance, but I fail to see why…”

“Excuse me, Prime Minister?”

Victor Wihll walked into Alan’s office. He set his foot on the chair in front, resting his arm atop his knee. Alan placed the phone aside as he stood up, facing Wihll.

“Yes, what is it, Lieutenant Wihll?”

“I just wanted to warn you,” Wihll replied. “There’s been a threat placed upon you. I thought you should know.”

“Is that all, lieutenant?” Alan asked. “Perhaps you should inform me of something more important. A threat is nothing to me.”

“Well, I thought so too,” Wihll said, “But it has come from within, I’m afraid.”

“If what you are saying is true, then I suppose you have proof?”

“Sadly, I am without proof,” Wihll replied. “It is a shame, I know.”

“Major Ansa had similar concerns, it seems,” Alan said. “It’s quite coincidental, both of you bringing up to me traitors in this building.”

“I was afraid of that,” Wihll said. “If I might add, I believe that Ansa has decided to carry out an independent operation to attack whom she believes to be the True Thekohnians.”

“Is that so?”

“She informed me of her plans,” Wihll said. “I don’t know if I should say this, but I feel as if she might have an ulterior motive.”

“I’ve kept track of Ayanna since she joined the military,” Alan said. “If there was something out of the ordinary, I would have seen it.”

Wihll shrugged. “You could be right, sir,” he said. “Then again, I would still be wary. I do not wish to see you dead, which is why I’ve come to you.”

“An odd way to put it, lieutenant, but the thought is appreciated,” Alan replied. “You may go now. I have things I must attend to before the day is over.”

“Understood,” Wihll said.

Alan watched as Wihll left his office. Outside, Victor walked until he reached the exterior of the the building. He breathed in, releasing his breath into a laugh that filled the streets, causing a couple of people to take notice. They were not ignored as Wihll pointed his focus at them.

“What do you think you’re looking at!?” Wihll growled. “Keep moving!”

They looked at each other and decided to do just that, leaving Wihll by himself. Things were going to plan, he thought, even if the prime minister was once a member of the Swords of Eight. Wihll started to walk down the street as he decided to meet up with Ayanna later. Once he did, he felt that his plan would take into action.

“All I know now is that I cannot wait for tonight,” he said. “Everything will be going according to plan.”


To be continued…


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