Chapter 3 – Part 2

[2740 AD; Ameci Military HQ at Admorse]


After a fruitless attempt to capture Henry Randolph, Gavin Power arrived at the military headquarters. With a hand applying a pack of ice to his face, Gavin walked into the the general’s office. At the desk sat Rohan Fercewend, who was studying a chessboard by himself.

“General, sir,” Gavin said, taking a seat.

“You’re here,” Fercewend said. “Good. I was waiting for an opponent.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re junior lieutenant Gavin Power, right?” Fercewend asked. “I don’t forget a name, and I definitely do not forget a man as vigorous as you.”

“Sir, if it’s about earlier…”

“Please,” Fercewend said, “I am merely asking you to a game of chess. Or would you rather discuss your failed attempt at catching a wanted criminal?”

“He… he is a crafty one!” Gavin exclaimed. “To think he could best me, the best of the best, the top soldier of the Ameci military… Henry Randolph is truly one with guile!”

“Believe me, I would know firsthand, lieutenant,” Fercewend replied. “I’m not here to talk about him, though.”

“But… but sir! Is it not a top priority to apprehend the nation’s most wanted criminal?”

“I am the one to decide what is and isn’t important for the military, Power,” Fercewend said. “What you do is follow those decisions.”

Gavin attempted to protest, but in the end he nodded to what Fercewend told him. “I understand, sir,” he said.

“I’m glad you understand, lieutenant,” Fercewend said. “If you have no other business here, I demand that you leave.”

“Understood,” Gavin said. He left the general’s office and headed out of the headquarters. Once he was outside, Gavin threw aside the ice pack and let out a roar.

“Damn it!” Gavin bellowed. “What the hell am I even doing here!?”

It was not the future that Gavin had envisioned when he joined the military at age 18. After he had dropped out of school ten years ago at 16, Gavin worked to provide for his depleted family, which was just his younger brother. Despite their differences, Gavin had always thought the best of Lawrence and Lawrence the same. It wasn’t until two years ago that Lawrence disappeared, driving Gavin to where he is now.

“I just want to know, Lawrence,” Gavin said, “I just want to know why you left. Why the hell did you leave!?”

He growled to himself as he entered his car. It had been a long day, Gavin thought, so he decided to head back home for the night.


As the night went on, Rohan was finishing up the last of his papers when a familiar face appeared before him. The man was in a black suit and had short black hair and a big moustache.

“I never would have thought that the ‘Fierce Wind of Ameci’ would be spending his time with his nose in the papers,” he said.

“Isaac,” Fercewend said, “It’s good to meet you. Do you want to take a seat?”

“Now, Rohan, you cannot obviously expect me to stay too long, can you?” Isaac Kunigunde asked with a smile. “You know why I’m here. Let’s get to business.”

“Very well, cousin,” Fercewend said. “I don’t predict that this conversation will change anything, but I’m always open to talking with you.”

Isaac laughed. “That’s the spirit,” he said, clasping his hands together. “This is a business meeting at the core, after all.”

“Believe me, I’ve heard a lot about your business endeavors,” Fercewend replied. “What are you going to try to tell me this time?”

“Hah, that’s a good one,” Isaac said. “You have been paying attention, haven’t you? The conflict in Maeitakohn?”

“I’m well aware,” Fercewend replied. “What of it?”

“I am concerned about what will happen there,” Isaac replied. “People are dying left and right. It is madness!”

“Are you truly concerned?” Fercewend said. “It seems to me that you are more worried about your personal image than you are about the world.”

“What makes you think that?”

“The fact that you are trying to influence the military is one,” Fercewend answered. “It concerns me that a businessman like yourself is trying to tie himself into these affairs, because it makes me wonder. Do not get me wrong, Isaac, but it’s a thought that lingers in the back of my head.”

“If that is your concern, then I will back off,” Isaac said. “I only want what is best for everyone.”

“I’m sure,” Fercewend said. “Moving on, I talked to Gale yesterday. It seems like she met an interesting person.”

“Rohan, you know how I feel about that,” Isaac said. “If you have nothing else to talk to me about, then I’m leaving.”

“Then go,” Fercewend said. “I’m still preoccupied with these documents.”

“Very well.”

Isaac got up and left. With Rohan by himself, he looked to complete his task for the night. He had a feeling that Isaac was up to something, but had nothing to back it up at the moment. Rohan tried not to think about it, considering all the good Isaac had done for him in the past. The rank of general, the good that was brought to Fercewend’s family, it was all because of Isaac. Because of that, Rohan wanted to believe in him. At least that was what he tried to tell himself overnight.


[2740 AD; Gale’s apartment in Admorse]


Sorin decided to spend the night at a nearby hotel with Kirk. The sunlight had greeted him the same way it did yesterday, as Sorin was not used to breaking his routine. Kirk greeted him and told him that they were going to head to Gale’s apartment so they can get going to meet Bellamy.

“I’m glad you’ve decided to come along,” Kirk said.

“I guess I should hear both of you out,” Sorin said.

They were standing at the entrance to the apartment building, a medium-sized place that looked to house four individual apartments. Kirk pulled out the map to Maeitakohn again and took a look at it.

“Oh, good, you guys are here already,” Gale said.

“Good to see you, Gale,” Kirk said. “I see you’ve packed generously.”

“I suppose it’s a lot, isn’t it?”

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Sorin said. “Although I guess I didn’t expect to be pulled into this…”

“Don’t worry,” Kirk said. “Bellamy’s got everything covered.”

“Then we’re set, right?” Gale asked.

“Indeed,” Kirk replied. “Let’s go.”


As the three headed for Bellamy’s house via Kirk’s car, Sorin wondered about this friend of his father’s. Just who was he supposed to expect? Given all of the information that Kirk had divulged, this Bellamy had to be really exceptional.

“Almost there,” Kirk said.

“That’s the house right there, isn’t it?” Gale asked.

“Good eye,” Kirk replied.

Bellamy’s house was outside of Admorse, a small house made with bricks in the middle of nowhere. Kirk parked the car by the mailbox and stepped out, taking a breath of fresh air as he shut the door. Sorin and Gale got out, too, and joined Kirk as they went up to the front door.

“You didn’t tell us we’d be all the way out here,” Sorin said.

“Well, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise,” Kirk said, “And Bellamy likes solitude. I would have never asked for help unless the circumstances were this dire.”

The door opened and Bellamy appeared. What shocked Sorin the most was not the fact that Bellamy was a woman, nor was it the fact that she was not even Gale’s height. Rather, it was the eyepatch on her right eye that surprised Sorin.

“Well, Kirk,” Bellamy said, “You were serious after all.”

“As I had said before, Eva,” Kirk replied. “My intentions are true: I intend to help out in Maeitakohn. That’s why I’m asking for your help.”

“And this I would assume is your son?” Eva asked. “This guy’s really hit the lottery when it comes to size.”

“Excuse me?” Sorin asked. Eva pulled out her sword and pointed it at Sorin’s face. The sudden response froze Sorin in place; he had no idea how to respond.

“I’ve been enjoying a nice life these past few years, Kirk,” Eva said. “What do you possibly want out of me you can’t get out of Rado or Sosimo?”

“You know I haven’t talked to them,” Kirk said, “Not since after the War of the Lands. Do you not recall what we even said?”

“Don’t question my memory,” Eva said, “Of course I remember. It’s just that I know that we really can’t change anything. I tried. I watched you try. You know I just can’t, especially after what happened to me.”

“I understand your pain,” Kirk said, “But that’s why we need to do something now. I don’t want to keep fighting these fights. I want to end them and reclaim the life I’ve never had the chance to live! And I believe you want the same thing too!”

Eva crossed her arms and looked down. “Look at me,” she said, “Does this look like the spirited warrior you’ve come to know?”

“I think that fight is still in you,” Kirk replied. “Just like I know it is in both of them. My son and Gale here.”

Eva snickered. “Sure, your son looks the type, but I can tell he’s not ready,” she replied. “And that girl doesn’t really inspire much confidence either. Is this your idea of a revolution?”

“I know I don’t look like the type to fight,” Gale said, “But I do want to help Kirk out in any way I can.”

“Is that so?” Eva asked. “What about you, Sorin?”

“I-I think that I agree,” Sorin said. It was a difficult thought in his mind, but he could see how passionate his father was about his cause. Sorin knew that by saying that, there was little chance of turning back, but he didn’t care.

“You know that you’ll have to pull your weight,” Eva said. “These are real people we’re talking about.”

“I know that, ma’am,” Sorin replied. “I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

“Well then,” Eva said, “It looks like Kirk was right about you two.”

“You… you agree then?” Sorin asked.

“It reminds me of the same fire that was in me twenty years ago,” she said. “I suppose out here isn’t the place to discuss it. Come in.”

Sorin looked over to Kirk, who nodded. Gale was in agreement as the three of them went inside Eva’s house to talk more.


To be continued…


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